API References

Access Documentation for the Tanium APIs

GraphQL API Gateway

The API Gateway is a new GraphQL service for interacting with Tanium data. It is the preferred API for integrations.

Detailed information is available in the API Gateway Guide.

Stay on top of New Features and Changes in the Release Notes and Deprecation Reference.

Schema Explorer

Platform REST API

Covers the majority of core Tanium functionality such as asking questions, deploying actions, and getting results.

It is best reserved for features that are not available in API Gateway.

Platform REST API

Other Module REST APIs

Other modules with a REST API have documentation that is accessed via the help link at the top right of the main page of their respective workbench in the Tanium console.

Console Documented Modules

Get data from Asset Reports
Get Comply reports
Manage outgoing Tanium connections
Control and configure software deployments
Integrity Monitor
Create and update rules and labels
Control and configure OS patching
Manage reputation items
Threat Response
Manage intel, alerts, response actions and more