Integration Development and Submission


The first step in building an integration with Tanium is to get access to an NFR license and Tanium lab. The Lab Guide explains how to do this.
Once your lab is up and running, you can familiarize yourself with Tanium and its Integration Methods. The How-To Guides and API References are here to help you plan out your integration.
The Developer Forum is the best place for you to ask questions and share knowledge with the Tanium Integrations Team and the broader Tanium developer community. If you have a question or issue that is not appropriate for the forum, you can create a Support Case for the Tanium Integration team.
Starting with a real-world use case is always the best bet when building a new integration, so engage with our joint customers early on if possible.

Submission Process

Once you have completed development and testing of your integrated solution, you can submit it for review in the Integration Submission Manager. Once we have verified that you have included the required components, we will contact you to set up a meeting so that you can explain and demo the solution for us and we can discuss the overall design and what testing has been done. Tanium will evaluate your integration and documentation based on the criteria outlined below. If at any point we need clarification or changes, you'll receive a communication from us and you can make adjustments to your integration and resubmit.

Documentation Requirements

A User Guide is required to be submitted along with the integration. It should cover the features and use cases and explain to customers how to acquire, configure, and use the solution. The User Guide will be reviewed to make sure it has the following:

  • The features and use cases supported by the integration
  • The prerequisites for both Tanium and your system: This includes operating system (OS), version numbers, required Tanium modules, network connectivity, open ports, user account permissions, etc.
  • Support contact
  • Complete list of all contents of the integration package, including all content or configuration changes that the integration will make to Tanium
  • How does a customer download/acquire the integration package?
  • Configuration instructions, including required permissions and roles for the Tanium user
  • Usage instructions
  • Any scaling considerations, max number of endpoints, etc
  • Use the current Tanium Logo Assets and ensure usage complies with the Tanium Brand Usage Guidelines. See page 8 for specifics on Co-Branding.

Evaluation Criteria

The Tanium Integrations and Security teams will review your submission to evaluate its design, usability, scaling, and security for our customers. If any issues are found, you will be notified in the submission portal so that you can address them and resubmit.

General Requirements

  • Packages must be named and versioned.
  • Provide list of dependencies (libraries, packages, etc.).
  • Must scale on large enterprise systems (scaling considerations covered in your user guide).
  • Use only public Tanium API endpoints.
  • Follows all documented best practices for Tanium API usage.

Security Considerations

  • No use of deprecated or End-of-Life packages.
  • Use HTTPS for all network traffic and validate certificates. Ignoring certificate checks must be “opt-in” for the user.
  • Secure storage of sensitive information, such as credentials. Don’t store them in plain text or hard-code them.
  • No sensitive information in log files, such as credentials.
  • Secure operations on file system and OS.
  • No sensitive or customer data included as sample data (or anywhere else).

You're Approved! Now What?

Once Tanium has reviewed and approved your integration solution, you are moved up to the Ready tier for technology partners. Head over to the Marketing Enablement Page and fill out the Integration Brief worksheet so we can work with you to publish a joint solution brief. You have the option to be listed as a partner on the Tanium Technology Alliances Listing.

As you roll out your solution to more customers and create more marketing resources, you will move up to higher tiers in our Technology Partner Program and become eligible to participate in Tanium-led joint marketing efforts such as webinars or our annual Converge conference.