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Combining Tanium and ServiceNow means all your IT and security operations workflows are driven by accurate, near real-time data. And the capabilities extend beyond just funneling data into ServiceNow. With ServiceNow as the brains of an organization's IT processes and Tanium acting as the eyes and hands, you can increase productivity and maximize your investment.
In addition to the wide range of pre-built integrations already available, Tanium offers Integration Core, an SDK for ServiceNow. By making the most popular features of Tanium's API easily accessible within ServiceNow, our customers and partners can build custom integrations in ServiceNow powered by Tanium's unmatched visibility and control.

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Beyond CMDB

ServiceNow has broad use across Tanium's customer base. And virtually all ServiceNow customers use ServiceNow to handle other process areas besides CMDB (although CMDB plays an important role in many, if not most of those processes). For example:

  • Incident Management
  • Change Management
  • Problem Management
  • Vulnerability Managements
  • Service Request Management (and Service Catalog)
  • Patch Management
  • Integrated Risk Management
  • Hardware & Software Asset Management
  • Security Operations Management

Tanium data and capabilities can improve accuracy and efficiency no matter how an organization uses ServiceNow. There are a variety of integrations ready to install that integrate Tanium with the most popular ServiceNow user cases.

Standard Integrations

Looking for one of the pre-built Tanium integrations for ServiceNow?

  • Tanium Vulnerability Response: Use Endpoint Vulnerability data from Tanium's Comply Module to help prioritize findings and verify risk remediation.
  • Tanium Configuration Compliance: Automated sync between Tanium Comply Module findings and ServiceNow CMDB drives automation, workflow improvement, and better-informed Change Management.
  • Integrity Monitor: Integrity Monitor can automatically label events based on change requests or change tasks in ServiceNow. You can then determine which events are authorized and filter out events within authorized change windows.
  • Security Operations
  • Asset Module Integrations: There are 2 supported ways to load the ServiceNow CMDB with Tanium Asset Module data
    • Service Graph Connector: This ServiceNow integration uses a pull operation to an inventory of Tanium managed devices and software usage data into the CMDB.
    • Asset Destination: This integration adds Tanium as a discovery source in ServiceNow and uses a push operation to load Tanium Asset Module data into the CMDB.

Custom Integrations

Tanium Integration Core is a collection of simple interfaces that any ServiceNow customer or partner developer can use to build their own functionality on top of what Tanium has built. The tool is highly configurable and can be easily leveraged by any process that can be enriched or improved by Tanium data or actions.


Easily incorporated any of these capabilities from the Tanium APIs into your customer integration.
- Ask a Live Question with Tanium Interact
- Create a new Tanium Computer Group
- Establish a Direct Connection to an endpoint to get a real time list of installed applications or running processes
- Run a Tanium API Gateway GraphQL query to get data about any online or offline managed endpoint
- Deploy an Action to an endpoint: start/stop a service, reboot, etc

Ready get build or want learn more? For use case ideas and detailed interface descriptions, please download the comprehensive Tanium Integration Core User Guide


Integration Core is available for free on the ServiceNow Store.

Tanium Integration Core