Technology Partner Program Guide

Welcome to the Program

Let's partner together and integrate our technologies to drive increased customer value and adoption. This guide was created to help provide you an overview of what our Technology Partner program looks like and how you can benefit from it.

Tanium is a platform with several solutions built on top that leverage our high-speed resilient architecture and flexible endpoint agent. The flexibility of our platform allows us to have several integration methods that can be leveraged by your technology.

Upon accepting the Tanium Technology Partner agreement and joining our program, you can learn about our technology portfolio, get member access to program resources, request an Integration License to test with your product(s), and request technical help from Tanium. Getting your integrations validated will start unlocking the benefits of the tiered program. Once validated, you can drive market awareness for your product and integrations through publishing in Tanium’s Partner Catalog.

Companies participating in the Technology Partner Program will manage their technical relationship via the Developer Portal for Technology Partners.

Tanium Partner Programs

Tanium Partner Advantage is an overarching program that works with all types of Tanium partners. The Technology Partner Program is designed specifically for technology integration partners.

If you are interested in our Services and Solutions Program, or other types of partner relationships, please visit The Tanium Partner Site.

Enrollment and Eligibility

The Technology Partner Program is meant for a variety of integration partners with varying focuses, including:

  • Independent Software Vendors
  • System Integrators
  • Service providers delivering integrated solutions with Tanium

Organizations that wish to join the Technical Partner Program will fill out an application with your company profile and contact information that is reviewed by Tanium. Applications are evaluated based on the market fit of your solution, a competitive analysis of our products, and other factors. Admission decisions are typically made within 3 business days. Once accepted, you gain access to the Program services detailed below.

Contact the Integrations Team at with any enrollment or eligibility questions.

Partner Levels

Tanium’s Technology Partner program incorporates a model that drives the joint commitment, benefits and resources offered as a part of the program. The tiers start with “Registered” when you join the program. Once you have an approved integration, you’ll be moved to “Ready”. As customer adoption increases, you’ll move to “Set”. Our top tier “Go” will be available at a later date. This model allows both Tanium and our technology partners to establish the level of commitment that works for them, which corresponds to several marketing and technical enablement options. This is covered in the table below:

Benefits Registered Ready Set Go 1
Access to Developer Portal
Tanium Integration License
Community Support
Listed on Tanium's Integration Site
Logo Usage
Validated Integration Badge
Social Media Announcement 2
Press Release Request 3
Joint Case Study
Converge Tech Showcase
Joint Webinar (partner hosted)
Access to Tanium Integration Engineer
More Coming Soon 1

What to expect

Once registered, you’ll get access to our portal, which will include things like:

Access to Tanium

As a Program benefit, partners get access to a Tanium lab via an integration license. The integration license includes access to the same software repositories that customers use as well as the corresponding software updates and knowledge base. Partners can use this license for the following non-production purposes:

  • Development, interoperability testing and validation
  • Internal enablement and training
  • Product evaluation
  • Demonstrating integration to customers

Partners who wish to use Tanium in production or want to be able to open support cases on behalf of customers with Tanium’s Support Services should purchase regular Tanium software licenses.

Learn about the Tanium Platform

Tanium has a growing portfolio of market-leading modules. Learn about our products and how they can complement your technical offerings. We strongly encourage our partners to take the self-paced Tanium Essentials training so you get a solid foundation on our platform and how it can be leveraged by our customers. We will also provide best practices and examples of how to integrate with Tanium.

Access Technical Support

Our integration engineers provide technical guidance on how to best integrate your products with the Tanium platform. Best-practice guides, examples, and a community forum are available to support you.


We have implemented some requirements and checkpoints to make sure our integrations provide the best possible experience for our mutual customers.

Requirements Registered Ready Set Go 1
Quarterly Check-in
Tanium-Verified Integration
Support Documentation
Solution Brief
Integration Available 6+ Months
5+ Customer Deployments
Customer-Facing Feature Demo
More Coming Soon 1

Quarterly Check-in - We want to verify that the integrations we are making available to our customers are active, up to date, and still supported.
Tanium-Verified Integration - Our partners will need to perform a detailed demo and design review as part of the integration submission process so that we can see exactly how it works and verify it was created in an optimal way that will provide the best experience for our customers.
Support Documentation - We will provide guidance for our partners to create the support documentation that explains how to install, configure, and troubleshoot the integrations.
Solution Brief - We will provide a template for our partners to create a customer facing solution brief that will provide an overview, screenshots, and use cases for the integration.
Integration available for at least 6 months - The integration will need to be verified by Tanium and available for customers in production at least 6 months.
5+ Customer Deployments - We will need to have at least 5 joint customers leveraging the integration in a production environment.
Customer Facing Feature Demo - A demo recording will provide an overview of the integration and be available externally for our customers and sales teams to leverage.

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