Welcome Tanium Developers!

Are you ready to realize Tanium's full potential by leveraging its endpoint visibility and control from other parts of your technology ecosystem? Do you want to learn to write custom sensors and packages that power virtually any use case you can dream up? You are in the right place! The guides here will help you navigate the process of designing and building your Tanium integraton. Visit the forums to ask questions and share your knowledge with others in the Tanium Developer Community. Happy coding!
1. Lab Setup

The first step is to get your Tanium lab set up so that you can begin to get familiar with the platform and have a place to develop your integration. Instructions for getting an integration license and setting up your lab can be found here.

2. Planning

Next, you'll want to check out our Integration Methods so you can choose the one that makes the most sense for your solution. If want to know what data Tanium makes available about managed endpoints, this Sensor Inventory contains the list of available data across all Tanium modules.

3. Build

Once you have a design in mind, leverage the How-To Guides and API References to build your integration. If you need help or have any questions, head over to the Developer Forum where the Tanium developer community can assist.

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